Original Reddit Post/Project Conquest Idea

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Original Reddit Post/Project Conquest Idea

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:33 pm

Have you ever thought covert operations would be totally rad on Minecraft? Ever fantasized about taking down the top faction on a server? Ever fantasized about a huge war or just being on a functional team?
I've got a proposition for a campaign, minecrafters. Project Conquest. In this proposition, I ask that all of us who want a project on this game come together as a team to infiltrate and then subsequently dominate a server, without the other players even having a clue of the intentions.
Now what I mean by dominate is essentially, after we bide our time and combine our rescources, we all come out swords blazing in a huge and possibly organized attack on either the top faction or all the other pvpers. If it is a faction, this includes taking their base.
After we've had our fun, though, we'll fix the junk we broke and return the items from other players, and be on our way- perhaps even gifting the things we've generated through our stay to new players- or burying a chestful of goods and sending them on a hunt.
This may end up with us setting our sights on a new server or shaking hands and parting ways, having experienced something that may remain talked about on the server for awhile yet.
If you are interested, I can elaborate further on how to possibly make the team efficient, secret, and cohesive. It sounds fun, I think.


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